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Sun Sep 9 11:03:11 MDT 2018



by Yaakov Marley

The Industrial Revolution eliminated slavery. Now, the Information Revolution is destroying gun control. Good riddance to
bad rubbish. Gun Control belongs in the dustbin of history, right beside it's kissing cousin, Slavery. As the war of
words heats up, the proponents of gun control have begun using asinine phrases such as "fully semiautomatic" and "full
auto ammunition". If the people spouting this "scary" nonsense were Hollywood celebrities, I would chalk it up to ignorance
and fear, but this rhetoric is coming from people a lot more intelligent and knowledgeable, namely U.S. Senators and members of Congress. This isn't ignorance, but pure unadulterated evil. These legislators have had years of experience in the gun control
debate, and are fully aware that the language they are using is deceptive and frightening. Their ultimate goal, as stated by
several politicians (and a retired Supreme Court judge) is to do away with the 2nd Amendment completely. So far, our President
has been able to stem the tide of gun control. If, however, the Democratic party (historically the party of slavery and gun control)
can win more seats in Congress this year, Congress might attempt a deluge of gun control measures that even the President may
let might let slip by (imagine a bill that procures funding to build "the Wall", and there's a small gun control time bomb built in).
The proponents of gun control hide their evil intent behind phrases like "sensible gun regulations", "common sense gun safety", and
"reducing gun violence". Gun control advocates, however, expect the government to disarm the public at gunpoint. They are not against
guns, but against citizens owning guns. Gun controllers think the government should have a monopoly of armed force that the 2nd Amendment
was written to prevent.
What does this have to do with the Information Revolution? Simple, guns are now "downloadable" on the internet. For $100.00USD,
anybody can buy a 3D printer, and if you are willing to take a safety risk (more about this below), you can print the parts for a firearm
that fires a low powered pistol cartridge. The downloaded files are NOT the firearm (such is the rhetoric from the left, that people
download the files, and a gun comes out of their laser printer), they are information that describes the shapes of the parts of the firearm.
There has always been such information available publicly about how firearms are constructed, in the form of blueprints, and descriptions
of how the firearms operate. There are no federal laws that prohibit taking such information, and fabricating a firearm in your home.
There are some restrictions that apply to such home-made firearms, and these restrictions are very simple, you cannot sell or give away
the firearm. You cannot make them for distribution. If you are a convicted felon, you can't make the firearm. On a reality level, these
restrictions are somewhat unenforceable. If you live in California, you must apply for a serial number for it (again, enforceability of
such restrictions are difficult). The fact that the actual dimensional data for gun parts are available for download has popularized
the existence of the "one-off rule", but as you can see above, it's more of a lack of a rule that for the whole history of our country
allowed anybody to build their own firearms. Another law that was passed in 1988 also prohibits making an "undetectable gun", so any
plastic gun made must have enough metal in it to be detectable. Usually the mass of the metallic cartridges, firing pin, and sometimes
springs or the barrel, are sufficient for a metal detector, and the density of the plastic is enough to show up on x-ray and neutron scanners.
The other common modern method for constructing a firearm at home, is to build a "ghost gun". This method uses the process of buying
an 80% finished receiver for the desired firearm, and completing the work of drilling and machining it. After the receiver is completely
finished, the builder buys a kit of the rest of the parts of the firearm, and assembles it. This takes more skill and effort, but the
quality of the finished gun is much closer to that of a commercial firearm. The fact that there is no requirement for a serial number,
or recordkeeping of the sale of the unfinished receiver or parts kit, means there is no way to know how many of these firearms are
in the possession of citizens, or even who among the population has them. The same holds true for 3D printed firearms, there are no
indicators of the quantity or ownership of these arms. Since anybody who has the skills, or are willing to learn the skills required
to fabricate their own firearms, are potentially owners of these arms, gun control has become obsolete. If the government were to collect
all of the Form 4473s held by FFL licensees, they can only figure out who has bought firearms, but will still be uncertain how many
firearms actually exist in the hands of the citizenry. Depending on the political climate, there could be far more people making their
own firearms than would exist on paper. Gun confiscation by the government would be impossible (it already is, but Congress and the
federal agencies that would likely be tasked with collecting everybody's firearms have not figured that out yet). Leftist politicians
who for decades have been able to advance their gun control agendas have now run into the iceberg of Do It Yourself firearms, and their
ship is sinking fast. They may be convinced they can save the ship, but the water is already cascading over the bulkheads faster than
they can react.

If you research the platform of many of the politicians and activists that push the gun control agenda, you will find they also hold a belief
in socialism. Socialism in the modern world is a form of slavery, but instead of individuals holding slaves, it is the state that is the
slaveholder. The whole population, with a few exceptions become slaves of the state. The state houses, feeds, and provides medical care to
the people. The state determines what work people will do, where they will live, and how they live their lives. However, to enslave the
population requires that the government have absolute power over the people, and this requires the people to be disarmed. Under socialism,
after all the platitudes and propaganda have done their work, the fact remains that the state must maintain control by force. Like the
institution of slavery, people who can take up arms to secure their freedom are not slaves for very long. During the Civil War, the
Confederate Senate hotly debated the induction of slaves and black freemen into the Confederate Army. The opposition to this measure
argued that the slaves, once they were armed, would use those arms to secure their freedom. What the proponents of slavery failed to recognize, br /> is that slavery had already been made obsolete by the Industrial Revolution, and that even without the Civil War, the institution of
slavery was operating on borrowed time. But it is clear that the thought of arming slaves instilled fear that the slaves would free
themselves and their families by force. Socialists recognize the same principle, that to secure their "worker's paradise", the population
must be disarmed. Resistance cannot be tolerated. This is the reason that the promoters of socialism are also attacking the Second
Amendment. Slavery cannot continue to exist if the slaves possess the means to secure their freedom. Socialism must exist in a vacuum
in order to survive. The state must have a monopoly of the use of force in order to maintain control of the people.

The history of insurgent warfare in the last century (and on into the 21st century) reveals a common theme. When denied access to commercially
manufactured weapons, insurgent groups make their own weapons. To make a firearm requires a basic knowledge of how they function, sources of
materials to make them, and some basic metalworking tools. These homemade weapons are often crude, unreliable, and inaccurate, but they do
work. Often, the goal isn't to manufacture large quantities of military grade weapons, but small lots of firearms with just enough functionality
to allow the resistance fighter to relieve enemy soldiers of their military grade weapons. This was the function of the World War II pistol
the "Liberator". The pistol was a very basic single shot arm consisting of a handle, barrel, breech block, and firing mechanism. The Liberator
was designed to be crudely manufactured, and dropped in large quantities to resistance fighters. The user would load a single .45 calibre
round into the breech, sneak up on an unsuspecting German soldier, shoot him at point blank range, and take his weapon and ammunition. The
pistol was then passed to another guerrilla fighter to repeat the process. While the Liberator acually was a factory made weapon, it's
design was so simple that it could be copied by anyone with rudimentary metalworking skills. The Polish Resistance in WWII fabricated many
small arms in home workshops during the German Occupation, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, explosives, flame throwers, and even an armored car.
Karen Rebels in Burma fought against the Japanese in WWII, and are currently fighting the Burmese government (which is conducting a massive
campaign to exterminate the Karen people). The Karens make their own weapons with rudimentary machine tools, and some of their weapons are
excellent copies of many military small arms. In Afghanistan there is a long tradition of constructing home made firearms dating back to the
first invasion by the British in 1839. During the British occupation of what is now Israel, the Jewish population created an underground
cottage industry manufacturing small arms with the aim of fighting for their independence. Not only did the Irgun manufacture vast quantities
of weapons in home workshops, but ammunition as well.

Since the founding of the United States, making firearms at home has been perfectly legal. The work of making a firearm however requires skills
that most Americans do not cultivate or assume are beyond their expertise, metalworking, machining, metallurgy, etc... New technology however
lowers these barriers. The Information Revolution has made firearm designs available to all, and placed the tooling and manufacturing capabilities
within everyone's reach. 3D printers are available at affordable prices, as well as CNC machine tools intended for the home workshop. This lowers
the bar, and simplifies the creation of firearms to the point where the average American can build a firearm in their home. This technological
breakthrough terrifies gun control advocates, because it makes gun control laws unenforceable by eliminating the purchasing phase, which is
where gun control laws seek to prevent people from acquiring firearms. A side effect of bypassing the purchase process, is there is no accurate
way for the government to know (or even estimate) how many firearms exist in the hands of citizens. The government can never be sure that
even if they collected the estimated 400 million or so commercially made firearms, that there aren't another 400 million homemade firearms
that they don't know about, still in citizen's hands. For the politician seeking absolute power and the enslavement of the populace, this
becomes like playing chess blind, where the opponent has a complete set of extra pieces, and may place the extra pieces on the board at will
during the game. Of course, these politicians will try to craft laws to prevent citizens from downloading files and printing/fabricating firearms,
but the application of outdated methods of control will fall far short of their goals. To prevent the files being available, every copy of them
would need to be located, and those computers removed from the internet. There are additional technologies that make this task impossible.
Secure encrypted channels, such as the TOR network, provide connections that cannot be traced end to end. The content is transported in
encrypted form from an anonymous server, to an anonymous user. There are also blockchain based systems that provide availability of content
such as these firearm related CAD files, and the data cannot be removed from the blockchain. Politicians may be thinking that since they
were able to criminalize child pornography, they can criminalize "the gun files". There is a very large difference between the two. Child
pornography exploits and abuses children. There is direct harm to the children who have been exploited. The downloading and printing of
firearm designs do not harm anybody. The politicians may argue that the firearms produced may be used by criminals, but that argument
is a very weak one. Criminals often use whatever weapon is conveniently available, and are more likely to buy or steal a firearm than
to take the time and effort to make one. There are however a small minority that do just that, and some have crafted firearms out of the most
mundane of items (such as a gun made from a large machine screw). This is nothing new, so the idea of possible criminal use is just a
straw man argument, since criminals fabricating guns predates the "threat" that new technology is said to pose. The added ease of fabricating
a firearm that might motivate a criminal to produce a gun, also works for everybody else, because everybody else can arm themselves to
protect their life and property from that same criminal. So the new technology does not have very much effect on the balance between
citizens and criminals, but it does have a very large effect on the balance between the citizen and politicians who wish to wish to destroy
the Constitution. As Chuck Schumer said "This is the ultimate loophole"... Yes, it is the ultimate loophole, and you don't know exactly
how many citizens are making their own firearms, but you do know there are increasing numbers of us who are. And that is the whole reason
for the Second Amendment in the first place, to keep tyrants in check and keep them guessing.


DISTRIBUTE AND HOST THESE CAD FILES What we are asking for is some help insuring these files remain available for anyone who wants them.
If you host a TOR Onion Service, please make these files available on your service. If you don't
have an Onion Service, please download them and pass them on to others. One unique way to make these
files available to friends is to host them with OnionShare, and email or IM the links to them.
Other ways to distribute the files are using blockchain based services such as LBRY, or seeding a torrent

the whole archive without worrying that they don't exceed the 4GB file size limit of some Windows
NOTE: This archive contains several different incarnations of the FOSSCAD and DEFDIST archives, so there may be multiple iterations of some
.stl files, so for any particular firearm, there may be several revisions to choose from.


Posted by YAAKOV MARLEY | Permanent link

Sun Aug 12 10:40:02 MDT 2018


Recently, the web server for this site crashed, and it has been restored from
a backup copy. I will be doing some badly needed maintenance, so please be
patient. One thing to note: For some reason, the "Contact Operator" Zerobin thread
is very slow to load, possibly due to some data having been corrupted during
one of the earlier crashes of the server. I noticed this after a previous rebuild
of the site. It does load after several minutes of waiting. I am considering
deleting it and starting it over. I will try to preserve as much of the data
in the thread as I can (not sure yet how to do this since the crypto keys are
different for each entry).

NEW DEFCAD/DEFDIST FILES The recent decision of the government to allow DEFDIST to publish the CAD files
for home made firearms, and the gun grabbers scrambling to stop it has prompted
me to grab the latest copies of these files and add them to the file archive.
I have asked a supporter of this website to "ghost write" an article about
DIY firearms, including 3D printed firearms and "Ghost Guns". Under current
federal firearms law, anyone can make their own firearms for personal use and
experimentation. The leftist politicians and media are melting down over this
"ultimate loophole", because DIY firearms literally bypass all attempts at limiting
citizen's access to firearms. As the owner of DEFDIST (Defense Distributed)
recently pointed out, DIY firearms are "the final nail in the coffin of gun control".
Gun control advocates are currently in a panic, trying to come up with a scheme
to prevent citizens from making their own "untraceable" firearms. The "ghost writer"
of the upcoming article on A7B compares the situation to the sinking of the Titanic,
the gun control juggernaut has hit an iceberg, and no amount of damage control
can save it.

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Fri Aug 18 18:11:18 MDT 2017

Torbox Email Changed

I'm not sure if it was due to inactivity or spam (from the numerous
bots that continuously try to scape this website), but the previous
email address i was using (a7evenb@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion) got
deleted from torbox, so there's a new one:
If you've tried to reach me within the last few months, please
try again. Thanks.

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Wed May 3 23:43:38 MDT 2017


It's been an interesting few months since the election and the Inauguration of
President Donald Trump. It certainly was a welcome surprise. It also opened a can
of worms with the label "Deep State" on it. The words "Deep State" should be very
familiar to frequent visitors of this web site. It's synonymous with "Secret Government"
or "Security State", and has likely been mentioned in videos that have been posted
on this web site. My hunch is that the Deep State wanted Hillary to win the election,
but their method of slanting the election was poorly chosen. I will do an article
about my "pet theory" of exactly what happened there, but for now, events prove
that they underestimated the power of independent news sources on the web. People
no longer get most of their news from newspapers, TV, or even CNN and MSNBC.
the majority of people get their news from independent sources on the internet.
This is why the "Russian Hacking" narrative didn't gain a lot of traction.
Rather than take the mainstream media viewpoint on the subject, people actually
went and read the Wikileaks archive of DNC emails. After the election, the "press"
tried to continue pushing the ""Russian Hacking" story, and before long, Wikileaks
got handed the Vault 7 archive. One of the key discoveries in that archive revealed
a technique the CIA uses to misdirect any hacking investigations done on their
hacking tools, which includes using code snippets written on foreign language keyboards.
I will go into more detail in a future article how this all works.

I have been gathering video about some of the clashes between Pres Trump and the Deep
State, and am putting them up. There's a lot of information here, and from some
of the independent news organizations I mentioned. The term "Deep State" has found
it's way into popular culture, and many Americans are waking up to the fact that
their government has been hijacked by the Deep State. Electing President Trump
was a victory, but the work of cleaning house can't be done by one man. He, and
any members of Congress that are taking a stand for liberty need your input. Stay
vigilant, and keep pressure on your Senators and Congressmen (and keep reminding
them, they work for you, not the other way around).

Here's the latest collection of video... Trump Vs the Deep State

Posted by A7B | Permanent link

Mon Apr 24 22:16:18 MDT 2017


What's new in internet security? What's out there for threats, and what can
you do to protect your privacy? With the recent release of the VAULT 7 exploits,
that were stolen from the CIA (info and videos coming soon), it's a good idea to
stay up to date with the latest software and ideas. So, while I'm sorting through
information about Vault 7, and other things related to our "4th Branch of government's"
recent shenanigans, educate yourself about internet security:
32C3 Internet Security Videos

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Thu Dec 15 22:09:33 MST 2016


Since mail2tor.com shut down back in 2013 or 2014, and there doesn't seem
seem to be anything to replace it (it was really convenient to be able to email
congresscritters using an "untraceable" email address) there hasn't been
anything i've found quite like it. Since 99% of the users of this web site
are using tor to begin with (I see redirects from clearnet>tor gateways
occasionally), then i guess I'll have to settle for an email that's only
a hidden service without a clearnet presence. So I have opened an account
on torbox. Since torbox is a hidden service only, emails can only be sent
and received through hidden service email servers. I may eventually consider
opening my own email hidden service. Until then, I will keep the torbox
address shown in the sidebar. The new email address is:a7evenb@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion

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Mon Oct 31 17:35:55 MDT 2016


This is going to be a week of surprises. It's the last week before the
the 2016 election. While i think there could be a better candidate opposing
Hitlerry Klinton, it may not come down to the candidate's qualifications,
but whether or not Klinton is headed to jail. "For what?", you may ask.
How about the Benghazi arms deal, where the State Department was selling arms
ti either Al Quaeda or ISIS (or both)? Or, her loose handling of classified
documents on an unsecured email server? After watching the final Presidential Debate,
I found some information about the "sweet deals" the State Department made,
with "assistance" from the Klinton Foundation, such as the Russian uranium deal,
which gives Russia control over 20% of the U.S. uranium industry (uranium is
a high priority strategic material). In fact, just about everything Hitlerry
accused Donald Trump of in the last debate, she is already guilty of.
Warm up your browser, because I have just added a page of videos that explains
just who and what Hitlerry Klinton is.
She is not only a criminal, but an enemy of the Constitution, and, for instance,
when asked in the debate about the 2nd Amendment, began spouting a lot of
"weasel words", such as "sensible regulation". We have had decades of "sensible
regulation" of firearms, which has only caused the disarmament of the People,
while government agencies have gone on a buying spree, and even local police
departments are getting military style training. This is the same trend that happened
in Weimar Republic Germany before (and during) the Nazi takeover. This country
cannot stand another 4 or 8 years of having a criminal in the White House.
Enough of my ranting for now.... go check out the new video page:

Posted by A7B | Permanent link

Mon Dec 28 21:35:57 MST 2015


I've been collecting new video, mostly related to Edward Snowden's cache of
documents about government surveillance. Most of these are from 2015, and in them,
we can see that the revelations in the Snowden Documents, and their effect on
the public, and public opinion, has had some positive effect. Because the National
Security State has become so entrenched however, a little bit of progress made
towards freedom needs to continue building momentum, or we're still in danger
of losing everything, and becoming slaves of the State. Just because somebody
turned a light on and made the cockroaches scatter, doesn't mean they're gone.
Keep up the pressure, continue educating yourself and others. I've discovered
that the issues of privacy vs surveillance, and freedom in general, cut across
most ideological and political lines. Freedom is not "left" or "right", but universal.
Everybody will agree that the national security apparatus has overstepped the
Constitution, not just once or a few times, but habitually. It's been an eye
opener for me, to have "liberals" agree with me when I get in a discussion about
how i see the government shredding the Constitution in order to provide "security".
Keep spreading the word, and i'll try my best to keep the information current.

Posted by A7B | Permanent link

Sun Sep 20 19:55:16 MDT 2015


The Raspberry Pi that this web site runs on no longer uses an external machine
to serve video. All of the video now resides on the Pi itself. This should result
in smoother operation, since it no longer has to fetch files from a network source
and retransmit them. If there are any noticeable changes in performance, I would
appreciate any comments you leave in the "Contact the Operator" thread on the left

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Fri Sep 4 15:07:26 MDT 2015


This system will be down for scheduled maintenance sometime between 05SEP151200Z
and 06SEP151200Z (12:00 PM ZULU 05SEP15 to 12:00 PM ZULU 07SEP15). The outage should
only last 2 hours max. The video server is being upgraded. During this time, the
web server will also be down for about an hour. Also on the agenda is adding more
video. Thank you for your patience.

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