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Thu Dec 15 22:09:33 MST 2016


Since mail2tor.com shut down back in 2013 or 2014, and there doesn't seem
seem to be anything to replace it (it was really convenient to be able to email
congresscritters using an "untraceable" email address) there hasn't been
anything i've found quite like it. Since 99% of the users of this web site
are using tor to begin with (I see redirects from clearnet>tor gateways
occasionally), then i guess I'll have to settle for an email that's only
a hidden service without a clearnet presence. So I have opened an account
on torbox. Since torbox is a hidden service only, emails can only be sent
and received through hidden service email servers. I may eventually consider
opening my own email hidden service. Until then, I will keep the torbox
address shown in the sidebar. The new email address is:a7evenb@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion

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Mon Oct 31 17:35:55 MDT 2016


This is going to be a week of surprises. It's the last week before the
the 2016 election. While i think there could be a better candidate opposing
Hitlerry Klinton, it may not come down to the candidate's qualifications,
but whether or not Klinton is headed to jail. "For what?", you may ask.
How about the Benghazi arms deal, where the State Department was selling arms
ti either Al Quaeda or ISIS (or both)? Or, her loose handling of classified
documents on an unsecured email server? After watching the final Presidential Debate,
I found some information about the "sweet deals" the State Department made,
with "assistance" from the Klinton Foundation, such as the Russian uranium deal,
which gives Russia control over 20% of the U.S. uranium industry (uranium is
a high priority strategic material). In fact, just about everything Hitlerry
accused Donald Trump of in the last debate, she is already guilty of.
Warm up your browser, because I have just added a page of videos that explains
just who and what Hitlerry Klinton is.
She is not only a criminal, but an enemy of the Constitution, and, for instance,
when asked in the debate about the 2nd Amendment, began spouting a lot of
"weasel words", such as "sensible regulation". We have had decades of "sensible
regulation" of firearms, which has only caused the disarmament of the People,
while government agencies have gone on a buying spree, and even local police
departments are getting military style training. This is the same trend that happened
in Weimar Republic Germany before (and during) the Nazi takeover. This country
cannot stand another 4 or 8 years of having a criminal in the White House.
Enough of my ranting for now.... go check out the new video page:

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Mon Dec 28 21:35:57 MST 2015


I've been collecting new video, mostly related to Edward Snowden's cache of
documents about government surveillance. Most of these are from 2015, and in them,
we can see that the revelations in the Snowden Documents, and their effect on
the public, and public opinion, has had some positive effect. Because the National
Security State has become so entrenched however, a little bit of progress made
towards freedom needs to continue building momentum, or we're still in danger
of losing everything, and becoming slaves of the State. Just because somebody
turned a light on and made the cockroaches scatter, doesn't mean they're gone.
Keep up the pressure, continue educating yourself and others. I've discovered
that the issues of privacy vs surveillance, and freedom in general, cut across
most ideological and political lines. Freedom is not "left" or "right", but universal.
Everybody will agree that the national security apparatus has overstepped the
Constitution, not just once or a few times, but habitually. It's been an eye
opener for me, to have "liberals" agree with me when I get in a discussion about
how i see the government shredding the Constitution in order to provide "security".
Keep spreading the word, and i'll try my best to keep the information current.

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Sun Sep 20 19:55:16 MDT 2015


The Raspberry Pi that this web site runs on no longer uses an external machine
to serve video. All of the video now resides on the Pi itself. This should result
in smoother operation, since it no longer has to fetch files from a network source
and retransmit them. If there are any noticeable changes in performance, I would
appreciate any comments you leave in the "Contact the Operator" thread on the left

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Fri Sep 4 15:07:26 MDT 2015


This system will be down for scheduled maintenance sometime between 05SEP151200Z
and 06SEP151200Z (12:00 PM ZULU 05SEP15 to 12:00 PM ZULU 07SEP15). The outage should
only last 2 hours max. The video server is being upgraded. During this time, the
web server will also be down for about an hour. Also on the agenda is adding more
video. Thank you for your patience.

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Tue May 19 20:15:01 MDT 2015


All of the current videos and files have been restored. This will teach me to
back them up more often...

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Tue May 19 17:50:05 MDT 2015


This evening i will try to restore the current video files (i.e everything before
the video server crashed). This will mean the backup video server will be offline
for up to an hour sometime this evening. If you haven't yet visited the Sitrep News
or Video Test pages yet (they are the first video
pages I posted here), then tonight is a good time.

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Sun May 17 16:07:28 MDT 2015


Partial video service is back up and running. It is an old backup copy from early 2014.
Stay tuned. The rest should be back online in a day or two.

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Sun May 17 12:32:27 MDT 2015


Due to a hardware failure, most of the video content and the other files hosted
on a second machine, are temporarily unavailable. The expected time frame to replace
this machine and restore everything is 3 to 7 days. Thank you for your patience
and stay tuned, there is another collection of video in the works.

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Sat May 2 13:45:48 MDT 2015


UN AGENDA 21 IS NOT ABOUT SAVING THE PLANET Have you heard the one about "Think Globally, Act Locally"? it's really not about
"saving the planet"... It's about making citizens into slaves. Take away their private
property rights, their rights to self defense, and all of the rights of human beings
(especially those in the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independance),
and replace them with "priveleges" granted by the "State". It's a bait and switch
on a global scale, and the "planners" want to plan your future for you. I could
write a very long diatribe about this, but instead, I'll cut to the chase...
Keep in mind, this is not a "conservative issue" or a "liberal issue" but this affects
EVERYBODY... New video on the subject can be found at...

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